Boxmol - super easy management of clients data!

Is your spreadsheet too small for you?

Boxmol - super easy management of clients data!

What is Boxmol?

No doubt that you may use spreadsheets to manage your business.
But did you ever give a thought about the work efficiency and security?
Boxmol is a modern office system which combines advanced management of clients, affiliates, employees, products and orders in one platform.
Boxmol is easily expandable and adjustable to your real business needs.


Our system offers 100% flexible solution for managing your company data.
Boxmol can fully replace all spreadsheets and other systems you might use to store your information.


  • 100% flexible data structure
  • full CSR features
  • integrate Sign-in for clients on your web


  • build unlimited sales tree
  • distribute commissions automatically
  • access to system online for each partner


  • define your products with 100% freedom
  • create a simple product page on your web
  • integrate registration form on your web


  • full employee management incl. check-in/out
  • integrated tasks and alerts
  • detailed permissions levels, option to create groups

Data storage

  • integrated document management system
  • automatic FTP backups
  • create complicated calculation rules on documents


  • customize system menu, put external links
  • customize data organization and user interface
  • affordable system changes on request


  • Integration with Elastix phone system
  • Integration with SMS gateways
  • Integration with Google Drive

and more

  • Integration with SAP based systems
  • Option for cloud/in-house installation
  • automatic email notifications on predefined actions

much more

  • full reports with 100% freedom - individual SQL commands
  • multi-format document export/import functions
  • full freedom to set status types - organize data by groups




  • Max. 100 clients
  • Max. 5 users
€ 29.99/month


Study International is a student organization with 3 employees, two offices and 68 customers.

  • Administer commissions against language institutions
  • Module for visa applications on the embassies
  • Set up customer tracking from registration till departure to the language course
  • Automatic delivery of template email and SMS to not decided customers
  • Customers can access online in what stage of process their application is
  • Customers can use their friends to recommend the services and receive commissions
  • Office branches have clearly set permissions on customer files
  • The company owner can easily measure how long it takes to each employe to process given step


  • Max. 1000 clients
  • Max. 15 users
€ 99.99/month


Work Abroad is a company with 12 employees, 4 branches and 600 customers yearly. The company provides work programs to international students.

  • Option to administer air tickets in separate module
  • Option to administer work visas process
  • Data are sent automatically to Visa sponsor IT platforms
  • Emails are delivered with read receipt confirmation
  • Easy option to add a module for refunding taxes for the participants
  • Each clients can earn commission on recommending other clients


  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited users


FastVAT is a company with 84 employees, 9 branches and 4000 customers yearly. The Company provides VAT recovery services to international companies.

  • System organizes customer invoices, imports them from clients SAP based systems
  • System allows to administer communication with tax offices around the world
  • Integration with tax office portals to submit VAT claims
  • Detailed reporting on the efficiency of invoice retyping
  • In-build VAT engine to decide on compliancy of VAT claims
  • Backup of data to external server using CA ArcServe technology
  • System installed on company own server

Contact, +420 226 809 103, +420 776 016 458
Jemnicka 1138/1, Prague 4, 140 00, Czech Republic

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